• igus® was founded in 1964
  • igus® has offices in 35 countries and sales partners in more than 80 countries
  • igus® employs about 3,000 people worldwide at present
  • Every year igus® develops between 1,500 and 2,500 new products and product extensions

The environment at igus® is fully open, anyone can contact anyone else directly, everyone works at the same desks, has the same work equipment, the same choice of meals at the cafeteria and use the same bathroom

igus® trains its employees constantly with regard to products, computer software programmes, foreign languages, company seminars, group trainings, technical seminars for dealers and so on.

50 years of igus® – 50 years motion plastics®
High-performance plastics for a light and lubricant-free future!

What started in 1964 with an injection moulding machine in a Cologne backyard, has 50 years later long since developed into a specialist for motion plastics® with a global footprint. Today, igus® is the world-market leader for plain bearings and energy chains made from tribo-optimised plastics, operating its own branch offices in 35 countries.

igus® – motion plastics® worldwide
High-performance plastics for applications in motion increase service life and reduce costs

The igus® GmbH produces machine elements made of high-performance plastics, which are used in the field of movement and are characterised by a long service life and low maintenance (lubrication-free properties). This reduces costs and increases productivity. The product portfolio includes over 100,000 solutions from stock, which are completed by systems and services. The innovative power of igus® is reflected in hundreds of new products and solutions every year.
igus® products are tested intensively to make specific predictions regarding service life in a variety of application scenarios. All products and solutions can be simulated and configured online. In addition, we will provide you with samples for your own tests. Delivery is fast and not restricted by minimum order quantities.

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