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Post at 02 Feb 2024



For over 120 years, customers seeking unsurpassed signal transmission performance have counted on Belden.

Our networking, connectivity and cabling products are recognized for highly reliable data & AV signal transmission. We proudly serve a variety of global markets including discrete manufacturing, process facilities, energy, mass transit and commercial enterprises such as data centers, government and hospitality.

We’re able to meet the most demanding standards for data, sound and video applications given our global commitment to product design engineering, manufacturing excellence and continuous improvements. All Belden products are engineered and manufactured to the strictest quality standards earning us an unmatched reputation for global reliability and performance.

1. Industrial Networking & Cybersecurity Solutions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial connectivity, Belden stands at the forefront, offering a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions to connect and safeguard organizations worldwide. Our Industrial Networking & Cybersecurity portfolio encompasses:

  • Accessories: Essential components to enhance and optimize your industrial network infrastructure.
  • Cybersecurity: Cutting-edge solutions to fortify your systems against evolving cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Edge Devices: Devices designed for seamless integration at the network edge, enabling efficient data processing and analytics.
  • Fiber Interfaces: High-performance fiber optic interfaces to ensure reliable data transmission in industrial environments.
  • Managed Switches: Intelligent and robust switches designed to provide control and optimization of network traffic.
  • Media Converters: Versatile converters to facilitate the seamless integration of different media types within your network.
  • Routers & WAN: Reliable routing solutions to efficiently manage data traffic between different networks.
  • Serial Communication: Solutions for dependable serial communication in industrial settings.
  • Software Solutions: Advanced software solutions tailored to optimize network performance, security, and management.
  • Unmanaged Switches: Simple yet effective switches for straightforward industrial network setups.
  • Wireless: Cutting-edge wireless solutions for flexible and efficient industrial connectivity.

2. Broadcast Cable Solutions

In the dynamic world of broadcasting, Belden’s Broadcast Cable solutions are synonymous with reliability, performance, and signal integrity. Tailored to meet the real-time requirements of diverse audiences, including radio/TV stations, production companies, and recording studios, our offerings include:

  • 4K UHD Video Cable: Delivering pristine, uncompressed digital video signals to support professional video equipment.
  • SMPTE Camera Cable: A multi-channel hybrid cable enabling the connection of four cameras to a single installed cable.
  • Video Triax Cable: Ranging from 14 AWG to 22 AWG, suitable for flexible or permanent installations.
  • Tactical Fiber Optic Cable: Deployable and redeployable AV communications cables rated for harsh conditions, military use, outdoor news, and sporting events.
  • Microphone Cable: High-performance analog and digital microphone cables designed for constant handling and use, including deployable options for harsh environments.

These broadcast cable solutions ensure seamless and high-quality transmission, meeting the demanding needs of the broadcast industry.

3. Cables & Connectors

Belden’s extensive Cables & Connectors portfolio caters to diverse industrial needs, ensuring reliable connectivity and robust performance across various applications. Our offerings include:


  • Ethernet Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, Electronic Wire & Cable: Providing high-speed and reliable data transmission.
  • VFD Cable, Instrumentation Cable, Fieldbus Cable, Control Cable: Tailored solutions for industrial automation and control systems.
  • Power Cable, Tray & TC Cable: Robust cables designed for power distribution and control applications.
  • Coax & Triax Cable, Safety, Sound & Security, Flex Cable, Armored Cable: Covering a wide range of applications, including audio/video, security, and industrial flexibility.
  • Hazard-Matched Wire & Cable Solutions from Alpha Wire: Specialized solutions designed to withstand harsh and hazardous environments.
  • Industrial Cordsets, Industrial Connectors: Comprehensive solutions for reliable industrial connectivity.

4. Industrial Networking Solutions

Belden’s Industrial Networking Solutions empower organizations with resilient and efficient network infrastructures. Our portfolio includes:

  • Managed Switches, Routers & WAN: Intelligent networking devices for optimized data flow and communication.
  • Unmanaged Switches: Simple and effective solutions for straightforward industrial network setups.
  • Wireless: Cutting-edge wireless solutions for flexible and efficient industrial connectivity.
  • Fiber Interfaces, Serial Communication: High-performance interfaces for reliable data transmission.
  • Accessories, Media Converters, Protocol Gateways: Supporting components and solutions to enhance the functionality of your industrial network.

In the complex realm of industrial networking, Belden provides the expertise and technology needed to ensure connectivity, efficiency, and security for organizations worldwide.

Servo Dynamics – Authorized Distributor of Belden in Vietnam

Servo Dynamics, a trusted and authorized distributor of Belden in Vietnam, is a leading provider of cutting-edge industrial communication and networking solutions. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Servo Dynamics ensures that businesses in Vietnam have access to Belden’s world-class products and expertise.

As the authorized distributor, Servo Dynamics specializes in delivering Belden’s comprehensive range of industrial networking, cybersecurity, and cable solutions. From industrial-grade cables and connectors to advanced networking equipment, Servo Dynamics provides reliable and efficient solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses across various industries in Vietnam.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Servo Dynamics combines technical expertise with personalized service, assisting clients in selecting and implementing the right Belden products for their specific needs. The partnership between Servo Dynamics and Belden reflects a shared commitment to quality, reliability, and technological innovation in the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial communications.

Whether it’s enhancing industrial networking capabilities, ensuring cybersecurity resilience, or providing robust cable solutions, Servo Dynamics stands as a dedicated partner, contributing to the success and efficiency of businesses throughout Vietnam by leveraging the excellence of Belden’s industry-leading products.

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