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With a global network, Baumer is able to provide closer customer proximity. You can find Baumer at 39 branches in 19 countries.

Baumer Vietnam


Baumer stands for comprehensive cooperation, precision, and pioneering spirit – from the development, production of products to communication with customers.


Baumer’s management philosophy: The main focus is on responsibility for employees and customer needs.


Quality, precision, and a spirit of innovation: these are the essential elements of Baumer’s impressive success story, from a small company to a global player.

Servo Dynamics – Authorized Distributor of Baumer in Vietnam

Servo Dynamics is proud to be recognized as an authorized distributor of Baumer in Vietnam. Servo Dynamics is verified on Baumer’s official website, ensuring the authenticity of our partnership.

Baumer Distribution Certification

Our team of technical experts are trained and certified by Baumer. With many years of experience, they have a deep understanding of Baumer products and are ready to provide Baumer solutions, guidance, and professional support. Servo Dynamics extends its services throughout Vietnam, ensuring that customers from all parts of the country can access our leading solutions. Three main offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hanoi are strategically located to better serve customers.

Our Successful Partnership

Baumer & Servo Dynamics in Vietnam

Servo Dynamics – Baumer’s Authorized Distributor in Vietnam

The partnership between Baumer and Servo Dynamics Engineering will create a combination that benefits technical customers throughout Vietnam. Together, we provide a seamless experience for customers looking for precision, innovation, and quality. Whether you operate in manufacturing, automation, or any other industry, this relationship gives you the most efficient solutions.

Baumer Appointment Letter for Servo Dynamics Engineering

With Servo Dynamics as your authorized distributor, you will receive enhanced technical support, quick access to Baumer products, and a faster and more convenient customer experience. Both Baumer and Servo Dynamics Engineering are committed to providing value and reliability. With this partnership, we aim to elevate the success of engineering and industrial automation in Vietnam to a new level.

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