Three key development drivers guide much of our Research & Development initiatives. These drivers include fast assembly, optimum protection, and appealing design, and they all contribute to delivering optimum enclosures that meet customers’ exact requirements. Additionally, nVent HOFFMAN products are developed in world-class testing facilities and are rigorously tested for dust infiltration, thermal cycling, salt fog corrosion, vibration resistance, and many other standards to ensure optimal performance and protection.

Easy to do business with

Our global product experts and experienced distribution network with customers every step of the way, from the simplest to the most complex solutions. The nVent HOFFMAN team is dedicated to delivering the right product, at the right time and place.

From our new click-in technology for the Global IEC offering to enhanced safety features for Universal Freestand, our products are designed to be easy to work with. Each product line has a variety of designs which, when combined with a wide range of accessories, make it possible to create many different configurations.

Being easy to do business with also means providing customers with the right digital tools to guide them through the variety of solutions we have to offer. It also means providing online tools and information on our websites that help customers in their engineering work.

nVent is a global company specializing in electrical connection and protection solutions, with more than 9,100 employees in 80 locations around the world. Our global manufacturing footprint and high-quality, competitive range of both IEC and NEMA electrical enclosures provide us with a unique opportunity to provide tailored solutions to customers around the world.


Customers We Serve

At nVent HOFFMAN, we go above and beyond to meet the requirements of our customers. We recognize that not every customer has the same needs, and we develop tools and solutions that are tailored to three different customer types.

Panel Builders

We help panel builders to improve their bottom line through innovative products and automation, ensuring they are satisfying their own customers at the same time.

  • Fast assembly products
  • On-time deliveries from local distribution partners and warehouses
  • Panel shop automation systems


nVent HOFFMAN local product experts will help create the exact solution needed. We produce a prototype and will then source the final product anywhere in the world.

  • Extensive customization capabilities
  • Digitalized process for fast and error-free handling
  • Standard products for customizable solutions from nVent HOFFMAN or Hoffman Certified Modification Centers

Systems Integrators and End Users

Wide range of NEMA and IEC products for many verticals and environments, with highly capable local and global account management.

  • Global and regional offerings manufactured locally simplifying engineering and procurement
  • Advanced solutions, including Hygienic DesignSeismicSafety, and Hazardous Locations
  • Strong digital customer experience from guided selling, configuring, to a wide range of engineering support tools
Success Stories