Stratus is a Leader in Edge Computing. At Stratus Technologies, we’re empowering our global partners and customers to turn data into actionable insights where it matters most – at the edge. For decades, we’ve protected partners and customers from significant financial and reputational risk by securely and reliably delivering information to applications in the cloud and the data center. Now, we are extending these benefits to the Edge to maximize operational efficiency and improve performance and safety, while minimizing unplanned downtime and cost. Making your life easier, more efficient and more productive.



Creating Edge Solutions to Simplify and Protect a Connected World

Edge computing solutions in the context of digital transformation is a significant, growing market opportunity. But this transformation is fundamentally based on data. Today, data and insights achieved through analytics is a hypercritical business asset for maintaining pace with technological change and maintaining competitive advantage.

Edge computing solutions play a critical role in this, as data and analytics serve greater advantage at the Edge. Keeping the Edge protected and simple is of paramount importance to the industry.

Value Proposition:

We provide the Edge computing infrastructure that is…

  Simple and easy to deploy,

  Protected from threats and interruptions, and

  Operates Autonomously

*Stratus – strategic partner of Rockwell Automation


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