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Post at 06 Jun 2024
maxon motor products

maxon motor products

At Servo Dynamics, we understand that each electric motor is meticulously chosen to deliver efficient and reliable power to a diverse array of potential applications, each with its unique set of requirements. Various factors must be considered when selecting an electric motor for your application, including the intended industrial use and the type of motor that will be most suitable for your needs. This is where custom electric motors come into play, allowing you to precisely specify the type of electric motor that best meets your demands while ensuring it has the necessary starting torque and power.

Types of Electric Motors

As the authorized distributor of Maxon in Vietnam, we can custom-build any motor to meet your specifications and we offer four main types of electric motors, each of which has proven successful in a range of common applications.

AC Motors

This motor type is durable and requires low power for start-up. AC motors are ideal for applications needing controlled acceleration and a constant speed. For example, air conditioning units utilize these motors due to their requirement for consistent control.

DC Motors

There are several types of DC motors, but a standard brushed motor is most commonly used in industrial environments. Custom DC motors use brushes, which makes them slightly higher maintenance compared to other motor options but offers a very high starting torque, which might be crucial for specific applications. If your applications require immediate start-up, a DC motor will be the solution.

maxon Brushed DC motor

maxon Brushed DC motor

BLDC Motors

As the name indicates, a BLDC motor (Brushless DC motor) operates similarly to a DC motor but without the brushes. This makes it a low maintenance option and extends the motor’s lifespan. Additionally, BLDC motors offer quiet operation, making them ideal for applications and industries needing reliable and low-maintenance operation, such as healthcare equipment. Hence, you will often find these motors in patient hoists and ventilator pumps.

maxon Brushless DC motor

maxon Brushless DC motor

PMDC Motors

Our final motor type is the permanent magnet DC motor. This motor can be constructed smaller than the other motors we distribute, making them ideal for the leisure industry and even computers. Like our other custom DC motors, they have a high starting torque and work well with our gearbox solutions.

Consider Your Industry

The most crucial factor in choosing custom electric motors is the application. If you are designing equipment for a hospital environment, then you won’t want an electric motor that requires frequent maintenance or is noisy. In this case, it’s best to avoid PMDC motors and consider a BLDC motor or even an AC motor solution.

As leaders in custom electric motors and gearboxes, Servo Dynamics, in collaboration with Maxon, designs and distributes motors used globally in a wide range of industrial applications. An example of this is the Parvalux VIPER3, a DC motor that powers large windscreen wipers in the maritime, rail, and road transport industries. A significant advantage of this motor is its durability in extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for use on land and sea. If your application requires a robust solution, particularly if it involves exposure to varying weather conditions or constant use, it’s important to choose an electric motor capable of handling those demands.

Efficiency, Torque, and Maintenance

The specific requirements of an electric motor are dictated by the application, but understanding the required performance is also essential. Considering its likely duty cycle and whether the speed needs to be constant or variable is key.

For instance, if you have a conveyor system that needs to operate constantly at a fixed speed, then an AC motor is likely a good choice. However, if your conveyor is used in the food manufacturing industry, then a BLDC motor is more suitable, as you can easily vary the speed and direction. As an electric motor distributor, Servo Dynamics is eager to discuss your industry needs and help you determine how to meet your exact motor requirements.

We’ve been assisting our customers in choosing the perfect custom electric motor solutions for more than 60 years. If you’re uncertain about which geared motor to select, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Servo Dynamics – Authorized Distributor of Maxon in Vietnam

Servo Dynamics is proud to be the authorized distributor of Maxon in Vietnam, bringing over 60 years of expertise and a commitment to delivering high-quality, custom electric motor solutions to a diverse range of industries. As a trusted partner, we provide tailored support and technical guidance, ensuring that our clients receive the most suitable and efficient motors for their specific applications. Our collaboration with Maxon, a global leader in electric motor technology, allows us to offer cutting-edge products known for their reliability, durability, and superior performance. Whether for industrial automation, healthcare equipment, or specialized machinery, Servo Dynamics is dedicated to helping businesses in Vietnam achieve optimal results with innovative motor solutions.

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