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Post at 05 Oct 2020

The SLC500, first introduced by Allen Bradley in 1991, is a compact PLC for small, stand-alone applications.

Until the introduction of the Logix series (1997), the SLC500 was still widely used in small and medium machines and systems. However, with the advancement of technology, the SLC500 has been gradually being replaced by Compactlogix to take advantage of and maximize the advantages of this Compactlogix series.

By upgrading from SLC500 to Compactlogix, in addition to updating new technologies, it is more important to take advantage of the advantages of Integrated Architecture (Integrated Architecture) and Ethernet / IP network for the whole system.

Upgrading from SCL500 to Compactlogix requires both hardware and software. Technically, this document illustrates the steps of converting hardware (SLC500) and software (Rslogix 500) to Compactlogix and Rslogix 5000.

Upgrade SLC 500 guideline

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