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Post at 11 Jun 2024

Discover the Next Generation of Fire Alarm Systems


Mircom FLEX-NET FX-4000N SERIES | FX-4009-12N

Product Overview

Model: FX-4009-12N
Origin: Canada
Standards: UL, ULC, FM approved

Mircom’s FleX-Net FX-4000N Series represents the next generation of modular network systems, designed to meet the most demanding fire protection and emergency communication needs. With an impressive range of configurations, including various cabinets and sizes for control and annunciation, the FleX-Net FX-4000N Series offers unparalleled flexibility. Its modular design allows for local, group, and global control and annunciation, even accommodating up to 7 LCD display/control chassis in a single node.

The FleX-Net FX-4000N Series is more than just a fire alarm system; it’s a comprehensive solution that includes fire detection and alarm, audio/voice evacuation, BACnet, Boolean logic, networking, and graphical workstations.

Intelligent Protocols Supported by FX-4009-12N:

  • MIX-4000 Devices: Supports up to 240 MIX-4000 devices per SLC
  • Advanced Protocol: Supports up to 318 devices per SLC (159 sensors & 159 modules)
  • Classic Loop Interface Protocol: Supports up to 99 devices per SLC

User Interface Options:

  • 80 characters or 960 character back-lit LCD with a user-friendly menu.
  • LED displays adders
  • Up to 7 remote annunciators per node

Key Features

Fire Alarm Control:

  • Base system equipped with one Intelligent Signaling Line Circuit (SLC). Expandable up to 28 SLCs.

Audio Control:

  • Multi-channel operation
  • Distributed audio
  • Compatible with 520Hz low frequency signal by Mircom

Network Features:

  • Up to 63 nodes
  • Peer-to-peer network communications
  • Fully integrated digital network audio and control over a single pair of copper wire or fiber optic cable

Mass Notification:

  • Storage and activation of pre-programmed intelligible voice messages
  • Supervision of all Mass Notification (MNS) equipment

Building Management System Interface (BMSI):

  • Built-in BACNet for BMS System Integration
  • Built-in Webserver for Remote Event Notification
  • Two Event History Logs: one for Alarm-related events (5000 events) and one for all events (5000 events)
  • System can be configured without taking the panel offline

Learn More

Servo Dynamics – Authorized Distributor of Mircom in Vietnam

Servo Dynamics Expertise in Fire Alarm & Safety

In Vietnam, the distribution of Mircom’s fire alarm products is entrusted to Servo Dynamics – a key player with notable expertise in the field of fire alarm and safety systems. Servo Dynamics brings a wealth of experience to the table, with a proven track record of successful projects and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in implementing cutting-edge safety solutions.

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