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EN.Manufacturing Intelligence and Analytics
Part Number:
9521-VPNL01ENE, 9521-VPNL03ENE, 9521-VPNL05ENE, 9521-VPNL010ENE, 9521-VPNL025ENE, 9521-VPNL050ENE, 9521-VPCL01ENE, 9521-VPCL03ENE, 9521-VPCL05ENE, 9521-VPCL010ENE, 9521-VPCL025ENE, 9521-VPCL050ENE, 9521-VPRTCENE, 9521-VPHSCENE, 9521-VPEMDBCENE, 9521-VPDSHENE
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FactoryTalk® VantagePoint EMI is a powerful web-based manufacturing business intelligence solution that integrates all data into a single information management and decision support system. Designed specifically for industrial environments with premier Logix integration, VantagePoint connects to your Logix controllers, OPC data sources, Historians, and SQL / Oracle Databases to deliver best in class manufacturing intelligence. Access your data from anywhere including your shop floor devices, PC, or your mobile phone or tablet in order to make smart decisions that increase your productivity from anywhere!
Overcome economic challenges
Reduce costs
Optimize production capabilities
Improve sustainability results
Conserve energy
Minimize scrap and waste
Bolster best practices and regulatory compliance
Increase global competitiveness
Aggregate manufacturing information across all assets and resources
Reduce demand forecast errors
Assure customer commitments and satisfaction
Increase production agility
Shorten product development and launch cycles
Monitor production variants
Enhance overall product quality
Overcome asset constraints
Maximize resource utilization

All manufacturing data is accessible in real time and on any mobile device
Create a logical model that organizes data in way that makes sense to your end users
Connectivity to real-time data via FactoryTalk® Live Data and historical data via FactoryTalk Historian plus connectivity to other real-time and historical data sources
Many ad hoc and advanced reporting options available enabling you to build a system perfectly tailored for your reporting needs
Automatic report and email generation based upon configured events allow you to deliver timely data even when users are not logged into the system
Role based report generation and model browsing allows you to ensure the right users are viewing the right data
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