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EN.Manufacturing Intelligence and Analytics
Part Number:
9518-HSE250, 9518-HSE500, 9518-HSE1K, 9518-HSE2K5, 9518-HSE5K, 9518-HSE10K, 9518-HSE20K, 9518-HSEADV, 9518-HSEOPC, 9518-HSEOLEDB, 9518-HCALENE, 9518-HCAL1KENF, 9518-HCAL2K5ENF, 9518-HCAL5KENF, 9518-HCAL10KENF, 9518-HCAL20KENF
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The FactoryTalk® Historian Site Edition (SE) application provides you with the data capture, management, and analytical capabilities to help generate improved decision-making. ​Plant supervisors can view individual historical data for machines, process equipment, or production lines on demand. Production supervisors can analyze batch operations for an individual site against ente​rprise-wide corporate production parameters. Enterprise managers can compare KPIs among locations. This application helps locate and correct sources of inefficiencies quickly. This helps you manage manufacturing consistency, energy use, first-pass quality, and other factors that can improve the bottom line.

Premier integration to FactoryTalk® and Integrated Architecture™ means intimate knowledge of user defined data structures (UDTs) that can be translated into asset definitions in Asset Framework and also brought into the VantagePoint EMI model for reporting.
Asset Framework and Event Frames provide context along with the time series data collected in the PI archive.
VantagePoint provides a front-end wizard for configuring Historian SE data points. Browse available Logix controllers, select tags or UDT templates of interest, and then the data points will be created in Historian with default scan rate, compression and exception filtering.
Robust and reliable data collection application
Leverage Excel as a reporting tool by using add-in components to get data from the Historian archive.
From FactoryTalk VanagePoint, display Excel Report in a web browser (client machine does not need Excel installed), display a trend of multiple data point, or Microsoft Reporting Services report complete with drop down selections to change the results displayed.
Powerful archive technology to help provide long-term data storage and fast, efficient retrieval of data.
Comprehensive support for redundancy and high availability to ensure minimal data loss and constant access to data
Powerful Data access through standard interfaces (OPC/OLEDB/ODBC/JDBC and Web services)
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