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FactoryTalk® Gateway is the next generation, highest performing Classic OPC DA data server for the Logix5000 controller family. FactoryTalk® Gateway utilizes RSLinx® Enterprise and FactoryTalk® Live Data
to distribute and share control system data. This gives you the fastest data rates and capacity possible, while minimizing the impact on your automation networks and controllers. FactoryTalk® Gateway delivers a fully scalable solution from small applications running on a single PC and a single controller to large distributed and even redundant data server configurations communicating to higher volume of controllers. The FactoryTalk® Gateway is available with multiple tag quantities from 5 thousand, 32 thousand, 75 thousand and unlimited editions so that you can acquire just enough to meet your application’s needs.

RSLinx® Classic is the most widely-installed Communications software in automation today. All editions of RSLinx® Classic deliver the ability to browse your automation networks, configure and diagnose network devices. RSLinx® Classic Lite is included at no extra cost with most Rockwell Automation design software so that you can manage and maintain your control system. RSLinx® Classic “Single Node”, “OEM” and “Gateway” editions provide both DDE and Classic OPC DA data servers to permit 3rd party software to access information within your control devices. RSLinx Classic “Single Node” permits a 32bit application running on the same PC with RSLinx Classic to interface with a single controller. RSLinx® Classic “OEM” goes further by communicating with a moderate number of controllers. RSLinx® Classic “Gateway” expands this to support 64 bit applications that are running either on the same PC or a remote PC using Ethernet to pass information between the computers. The “Gateway” edition of RSLinx® Classic can also act as a centralized network connection point for multiple computers running RSLinx® Classic so that you can centralize the administration of your network configuration.

Connect 3rd party  software to the Classic OPC DA v2.05a Data Server
Higher throughput (tags/second) and higher maximum controller and tag counts
Optimized to efficiently communicate with Logix5000 family of controllers
Reduce system traffic by pushing data from Logix 5000 controller using Unsolicited Messaging
Communicates with full range of Allen-Bradley Logix5000, PLC-5, SLC 5/05 and MicroLogix controllers
Pull data from many CIP Devices directly to minimize the impact on the controller
Utilizes RSLinx Enterprise and FactoryTalk Live Data to support distributed and redundant data servers
Automatic recovery from program downloads and online changes
Faster disconnect/reconnect and failover recovery times
Can even pull data from RSLinx Classic for older access to other systems
Connect 3rd party software to the Classic OPC DA v2.05a or Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Data Server
Reduce downtime using Alias Topics to maintain communications to your controllers when a network path fails
Communicated to older systems using complex paths to tunnel one protocol inside of another (Ex. EtherNet/IP to Data Highway Plus)
Reduce system traffic by pushing data from Logix 5000 PLC-5, SLC-500 and other legacy controllers using Unsolicited Messaging
Simplify startup and maintenance of network devices with built in configuration and diagnostics tools
Add new products or revisions with minimal effort by uploading the product’s embedded Electronic Datasheet (EDS) File
Connect with confidence by seeing both public and private addresses on networks using Network Address Translation (NAT)
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