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RSNetWorx™ products provide design and configuration management services for open standard networks from ODVA, including ControlNet, DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP. RSNetWorx allows you to achieve maximum productivity with your ControlNet and DeviceNet installations. You will be able to define and configure the devices on your network quickly through a simple software interface. This definition can take place offline using drag and drop operations or online by using RSLinx® to browse a ControlNet or DeviceNet network.

Producer/consumer model of information transfer allows you to define input and output exchanges between devices on the network
One button for complete network upload/download
Network scheduling and bandwidth calculations
Drill-down approach to viewing
Point-and-click configuration
Library of devices
Identification of configuration conflicts
Set relationships between controllers and I/O
Automatic mapping of input and output data between networked devices and controller memory
Support for Automatic Device Replacement (ADR), where appropriate
True multi-vendor interoperability with Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) services provided by the software to facilitate device configuration and field installation of support for new devices, HTML-formatted reports
Quick configuration of ControlNet, Ethernet/IP and DeviceNet networks with a Windows-based point-and-click interface.
Flexibility to edit configurations online or offline.
Simplified browsing online with the RSLinx tree control to locate the network you want to view or edit.
Configuring network parameters, such as Network Update Time (NUT) and maximum scheduled or unscheduled addresses.
Online scanning for the current network for devices. If any devices are discovered that are not already in the current configuration, they will be added to the pending configuration.
Logging of RSNetWorx audit messages (for example, online/offline mode transition,edits enabled, upload/download) to a dedicated server application.*
Logging of RSNetWorx device health messages (for example, device excluded from diagnostic scan or device identity mismatch) to a dedicated server application.*
Scheduling unattended background diagnostic scans on any combination of DeviceNet, ControlNet, or EtherNet/IP networks with RSNetWorx MD Diagnostic Scheduler
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