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Monitoring and controlling automation machines and processes demands versatility and the scalability to connect to a host of open technologies. RSView®32™ is an integrated, component-based HMI for monitoring and controlling automation machines and processes. RSView32 expands your view with open technologies that provide unprecedented connectivity to other Rockwell Software products, Microsoft products, and third-party applications.

Core functionality provides the versatility to accommodate a range of integration needs – from the machine to the production line to the entire plant. RSView32 is an open system that allows plant floor data to be shared with other manufacturing systems, providing real-time manufacturing information throughout the enterprise.

Designed for Microsoft® Windows® environments, RSView32 interacts easily with the Rockwell Software integrated product line, Microsoft products, and other third-party offerings.

Enjoy preferred compatibility with Rockwell Automation products
Reuse tag databases
Powerful graphics editor and import/export wizard
Easily customize the look of graphic displays
Comprehensive alarms editor
Full-featured data log editor
Security at project or system level
Save time and productivity by updating projects online
Reuse the same tags database created in a PLC ladder logic application.
Use a convenient, intuitive folder structure to organize tags.
Choose the number of tags that best suits your application needs
Log data directly to an ODBC data source such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or SyBase, and graphically view the data in a trend.
Language tag substitution gives users the ability to create a spreadsheet of string tag values in different languages and then select the values in a particular language during runtime, saving development time.
Interoperate easily with other component-based software products.
Integrate Microsoft's popular Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) as a built-in programming language, allowing almost unlimited ways to customize your RSView32 projects.
Support OPC standards as both a server and a client for fast, reliable communications with a wide variety of hardware devices.
Implement add-on architecture (AOA) technology to integrate new features directly into RSView32.
Graphic displays are OLE containers for ActiveX® controls — with thousands of third-party ActiveX controls to choose from, you can drop ready-made solutions right into your projects.
Utilize a Security Wizard registry to grant “non administrators” with more authority to use RSView32 and its add-on components.
Single (point-to-point) and fully networked connections and can be configured to communicate on multiple networks simultaneously.
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