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EN.Manufacturing Intelligence and Analytics
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Are you struggling to gain insights from your manufacturing data? Do your operators have real-time data in their line of sight? What is your data hiding from you?

Manufacturing analytics tools collect your raw data and turn it into actionable information. Sounds easy? There are many ways to manage information, but the key is the action you are able to take from that information and how high the hurdle is before getting to the data.

Starting with a specific problem to solve – such as improving OEE or improving yield – is a great way to pinpoint what type of analytics you may need, where the data comes from to solve that problem, and who needs the information to make the decision.

Scalable analytics from Rockwell Automation are the right choice, right size for you. From an Industrial IoT sensor to machines — all the way through your enterprise, we can help you with the right application and remove barriers to success.

Take a look at some analytics applications recently added to our family of Manufacturing Intelligence & Analytics products and services.