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Post at 16 Dec 2020

We keep our business development with becoming Stratus strategic partner cooperation.

Stratus is a Leader in Edge Computing. At Stratus Technologies, the edge empowering global partners and customers to turn data into actionable insights where it matters most. For decades, Stratus protected partners and customers from significant financial and reputational risk by securely and reliably delivering information to applications in the cloud and the data center.
The Edge computing – to maximize operational efficiency and improve performance and safety, while minimizing unplanned downtime and cost. Making your life easier, more efficient, and more productive.

Mr. Lin Hoe Foong – Stratus APAC Managing Director sharing about Servo Dynamics Engineering:

“StratusAPAC is excited to have Servo Dynamics Engineering (SDE) on board as our partner in Vietnam. SDE has established a strong presence in the Vietnam market since 2006, serving global automation companies in multiple industries.

Our strategic partnership with SDE allows us to extend the full range of Stratus solutions, including everRun, ftServer, and ztC edge to more customers in Vietnam and beyond. With SDE’s experience and expertise, particularly in the automation, building management and water sector, we will continue to make great strides towards our #smartcity and #smartmanufacturing goals.

I look forward to our joint success in transforming various industries at the #edge with Servo Dynamics Engineering!”

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