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Post at 21 Aug 2017

Tissue machine upgrade leverages control, drives and safety features of the Integrated Architecture platform and the application knowledge of the Global Solutions team at Rockwell Automation

Asaleo Care is a leading personal care and hygiene company that manufactures, markets, distributes and sells essential everyday consumer products across the Feminine Care, Incontinence Care, Baby Care, Consumer Tissue and Professional Hygiene product categories.

The company’s products include Purex, Sorbent, Handee and Tork and are used daily in households and businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and a number of countries in the Pacific. Asaleo Care has eleven manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Asaleo Care is committed to introducing the latest technologies to their manufacturing plants to continue to produce quality products and meet evolving safety standards.

The manufacturing plant in Kawerau, New Zealand was established in 1955 and to this day is still the only tissue base paper manufacturer in New Zealand. To address obsolescence issues, Asaleo Care called on Rockwell Automation to design, manufacture and commission a control and drive upgrade to their tissue machine that would also incorporate the latest safety technologies.

  • To design, manufacture and commission a tissue machine control and drive system upgrade that addresses obsolescence issues
  • Ease of commissioning – Detailed FAT prior to commissioning reduced downtime during installation
  • Improved reliability – Maintenance requirements were reduced and diagnostics and machine reliability were improved
  • Energy savings – The Active Front End Bus provides regenerative braking for energy savings as well as mitigating harmonics
  • Future-proofing production – The system addresses obsolescence issues and has the capability to increase production if required