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Post at 21 Sep 2017


Lubricants are essential in everything from mining and railways to space travel. They keep gears moving. They reduce friction to improve performance and longevity. For NASA, they help transport space shuttles to the launch pad.

The Whitmore Manufacturing Company® is responsible for producing these industrial lubricants, as well as sealants, coatings, cleaners and oils. The company produces over 16 million pounds of lubricants each year, ranging from biodegradable and dry film lubricants to hydraulic oils and tire sealants.

Whitmore manages all steps of lubrication production, from R & D and product formulation to application services for customers around the world.

Recently, it began a $20 million, 120,000-square-foot expansion of its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Rockwall, Texas.

  • Upgrade an all-manual manufacturing process to a fully automated, information-empowered charging and mixing system to reduce product variation and quality issues.
  • Batch and ingredient-management reports ease troubleshooting.
  • Automated systems replaced manual processes to nearly eliminate human error.