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Post at 26 Jul 2017

The Global Solutions team from Rockwell Automation applied their engineering capabilities to customise a partial line upgrade that integrates with the existing system to improve tissue production rates

BackgroundSustainability is a key component of Australia’s pulp and paper industry. Advances in technology have provided the capability to reduce environmental impact, safety and support the ongoing sustainability of the tissue production process.

Encore Tissue is an Australian family owned business that was established in 1998 by the Holckner family, comprising of Charlie Holckner and his two sons, David and Mark Holckner.

Today, the company is a leading manufacturer of toilet tissue and kitchen towel with a manufacturing plant in Laverton North, Victoria. Encore’s philosophy is to manufacture quality products and endeavour to be environmentally, socially and economically responsible.

The fibrous raw material is sourced from responsibly managed plantations and regrowth forests. The fibres are sourced from local and International suppliers who practice sustainable management of forests in line with strict international standards. All suppliers operate under Forest Stewardship Council accredited environmental systems and practices.

Encore Tissue is committed to achieving sustainable economic growth that is of benefit to present and future generations, without threatening the resources or biological systems of the world in which we operate.

The company is committed to constant improvement in its manufacturing process as it grows into a major player within the industry. As testament to this commitment, Encore Tissue decided to undertake an upgrade to part of their tissue production line to keep in touch with the latest technology, increase production output and help their customers by providing a better quality product that exceeds their requirements.

The scope of the project was to upgrade the original tissue machine, which was commissioned back in 2003 to incorporate new technologies and improve production rates.

  • To engineer a solution to upgrade the tissue machine’s drives to increase the line speed of the machine
  • Integrated control and safety – GuardLogix® process automation controller with Ethernet communications
  • Software interfacing with tissue machine control system
  • Drive upgrade – PowerFlex® 755 (500kW & 250kW) drives replaced existing DC drives
  • Tissue machine application software design and development based on drives standards
  • Solution was designed to fit within existing space available in small switchroom
  • Meeting current safety standards – GuardLogix mitigates safety risks and helps the machine comply with current safety standards
  • Guardmaster® door locking devices to prevent unauthorized access by plant personnel
  • Increased line speed of tissue machine – The upgrade successfully increased the line speed of the tissue machine for increased production
  • Minimal interruption during commissioning – Factory Acceptance Tests delivered integrated testing with hardware and simulation software prior to installation
  • Local technical support during installation and startup