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Post at 30 Aug 2017


Ancient Greeks lined their eyes with kohl, and Romans dabbed their faces with rosewater. But never have we seen such demand for beauty products as today. The global cosmetics industry is a multibillion-dollar business – and growing. A few multinational corporations produce nearly half of the world’s cosmetics, and for the thousands of other manufacturers, competition is keen. Production quality and effi ciency are imperative to business survival.


• New production line was signifi cantly underperforming, with 2,500 start/ stops per 12-hour shift

• Lack of insight into root cause of frequent production-line stoppage


Manufacturing Intelligence

• FactoryTalk Metrics software lets operators understand downtime causes

• Software collects detailed machine data from multiple control systems for accurate, timely and granular reporting on machine performance, including OEE metrics and 14 key performance indicators.

• Confi gurable data is accessible via any Web browser System Design and Delivery

• Rockwell Automation Solution Partner for Control, Process and Information, Prime Controls, engineered, confi gured and implemented the complete information solution


• Reduced line-stop occurrences by 90 percent

• Saved $100,000 per year on service costs and downtime

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