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Post at 21 Aug 2017


Optima Nonwovens, a member of the OPTIMA Packaging Group GmbH, develops leading-edge technologies for packaging paper hygiene products.

The company’s systems cover the complete range of automated packaging processes, from the intake of products right through to being palletized for shipment.

Products include nappies, sanitary towels, bathroom tissue rolls and wet wipes.

The company’s solutions offer impressive format flexibility, and are able to process everything from small packages to jumbo packs on a single machine, in accordance with the increasingly diverse product variations and requirements of the international markets.

Inspection functions and secondary packaging capabilities are integrated to achieve complete automated lines.

Optima Nonwovens actively seeks out and employs state-of-the-art engineering technologies in its development and project planning and that led it to develop a new diaper (nappy) bagger/stacker for its customer Intigena Produktion, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of hygiene products.

The new machine employs the revolutionary iTRAK® Intelligent Track System from Rockwell Automation.

Not only has this technological deployment resulted in far greater flexibility for rapid product-format changeovers, it has also helped to increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the machine.

OPTIMA Packaging Group GmbH is a member of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ program as an OEM Program Participant at partner level.

Members of the Rockwell Automation OEM Program demonstrate a commitment to offer high-quality, innovative machines and equipment that help manufacturers improve business agility, optimise productivity, and increase business performance.

Through the use of Rockwell Automation products, technology and industry expertise, these PartnerNetwork members also help end users achieve sustainability and safety-compliance objectives.

  • Optima needed to help its customer address market demand for more flexible and agile packaging solutions
  • Decreased format changeover times – as much as 50%
  • Increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Increased flexibility for format and product variation
  • Less operator interaction due to removal of need for multiple mechanical adjustments
  • Easier access to The Connected Enterprise
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