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Post at 26 Jul 2017

No Small Potato

Whether they’re diced, curly or straight cut, potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable. We devour an average of 47 pounds each year.

And since 1952, Ore-Ida has appealed to our appetites with dozens of frozen-potato varieties – including that crispy crown jewel of casseroles: their trademarked Tater Tot®.

Today, Ore-Ida is a part of the Kraft Heinz Company brand. Its production operations are based in Ontario, Oregon, where Ore-Ida was founded.

The facility produces all of Ore-Ida’s frozen potato products, about 800 million pounds every year.

The Ore-Ida facility’s high output – driven by demand for its nearly 200 SKUs – requires continuous production up to 310 days per year.

But in recent years, a lack of available support for the facility’s aging control system infrastructure has limited the organization’s future growth.

Rather than merely replace its obsolete control systems, Kraft Heinz decided to modernize the architecture and incorporate new technologies to help optimize production capacity and reduce quality variability in the facility.

  • Identify cost-saving opportunities to justify cost of upgrading aging control infrastructure
  • Increased Production Capacity
  • Prepared for Long-Term Growth
  • Reduced Product Variability