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Post at 26 Jul 2017


Westbury, UK-based MGE Automation provides a complete range of mechanical and electrical services backed up by over 40 years’ experience in the packaging industry.

Its customers are those seeking to increase production, replace aging or obsolete equipment, establish brand new production lines or are looking for maintenance and support contracts.

As part of its service it can offer all elements of the project from system & electrical control design, through machine installation and onto maintenance.

In a recent project it was tasked by Dailycer, a leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals and cereal bars for many leading food retailers, to develop and install a complete cereal bar packaging line, comprising conveying of the product from the end of the cooling tunnel, through primary packaging and onto secondary packaging.

  • MGE Automation was tasked with deploying a brand new packaging line at a leading producer of cereal bars and snacks. The line had to offer tight integration with existing up and downstream infrastructure.
  • Fully integrated hardware and software solution
  • Familiar operating solution along the length of the line
  • Reduced wiring with EtherNet/IP network
  • Access to real-time manufacturing data
  • Access to benefits of The Connected Enterprise
Category: Food & Beverage
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