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Post at 29 Aug 2017


Forests of wooden derricks sprang up in a rural California valley when oil was discovered there in 1899. Today, those towering structures are gone, replaced by the more familiar low pump jacks, plus steam-injection systems necessary to coax the crude from the earth. Most of the valley’s “black gold” is heavy crude, and its viscosity much like molasses.

In 2013, a major California petroleum producer pumped 177,000 barrels per day from the valley. The company’s California business unit comprises six separate oil fields.

The typical well site includes steam generators – essentially huge, high-volume, high-pressure boilers – used to apply the pressure and heat necessary to force heavy crude above ground.

Some sites incorporate cogeneration systems, which use natural gas turbine/generator sets to produce electricity that supports site operations. Cogeneration in the California valley produces enough energy to supply the power needs of over 1.5 million homes.

  • To reduce cybersecurity risks and lower business costs, a major oil and gas producer needed a comprehensive system for gathering data from thousands of control devices spanning six oil fields in California
  • Complied with new corporate cybersecurity policy based on ISA99 standard for industrial control systems