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Post at 21 Aug 2017

Integrated control system and network of partners shortens customized development process

Founded in 1932, Curt G. Joa, Inc. is a machine builder known for creating custom machinery for disposable hygiene products.

A Global Reputation for Customer Service

More than eight decades after it was established, converting machine builder Curt G. Joa, Inc. proudly retains the full name of its founder. The Wisconsin-based business continues to live by its founder’s principles, too – including a near-compulsion to surpass customer expectations.

That’s one reason the company keeps its multidisciplinary engineering team well-staffed at all times. But the company’s namesake would not recognize its current customer list: leading global manufacturers of disposable, personal-hygiene items like diapers and incontinence products. He would also be astounded by the automation capabilities of the sophisticated, custom-made machines.

The customized machines take six to nine months to build. They are massive, occupying two floors with a footprint measuring 60 meters long. They accomplish multiple manufacturing processes, including accepting roll-fed paper material in a continuous motion and automatically splicing products.

Shortening the time to develop its machines and being able to differentiate itself from its competitors are key elements to the company’s growth. Joa wanted to provide its customers with faster time to implementation, as well as more meaningful and detailed production information from its machines. By standardizing its machine-design and development process, Joa was able to shorten its design time and evolve its machines to get ahead of its customers’ needs.

  • Integrate machines into customers’ production lines that include multiple third-party components
  • Simplify engineering workflow for faster delivery times
  • Standardize machine design and development while still enabling customization
  • Standardized up to 80 percent of its database content on EPLAN modules to reduce design time
  • Compressed delivery times for improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced troubleshooting time with remote access capabilities