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Post at 22 Aug 2017


PHA, a world leader in the automotive subassembly business, has seven Korean plants, seven plants in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, India and the USA and three worldwide sales branches.

The company’s Czech Republic plant, PHA Czech s.r.o., in Český Těšín, 300 km east north of Prague, started production in 2008 and employs 300 people and concentrates primarily on the production of door modules for a leading Korean automotive OEM.

It also produces non-module door hinges, bonnet/hood hinges, tailgate hinges and tailgate latches, not only for the Korean car maker, but for a number of other leading automotive OEMs.

In a recent development program, the Rockwell Automation Global Solutions team in the Czech Republic team was tasked by PHA Czech s.r.o. with the development of a complete control solution for a front/rear, left/right turnkey door module assembly line and end-of-line (EOL) test stations.

The scope of delivery given to the Global Solutions team, which has been working with PHA since 2006, involved project management, administration, hardware & software design, cabinet manufacture, site installation, commissioning and production start-up.

  • The Rockwell Automation Global Solutions team in the Czech Republic was challenged with project managing, designing, installing and commissioning a complete turnkey door module assembly line
  • Demanding production level met with the scope to increase it further
  • Complete project management from initial design to final commissioning performed by Global Solution team in the Czech Republic
  • Customized application windows developed by Rockwell Automation programmers
  • Multiple successful audits by automotive OEM end customer
  • Excellent platform upon which future projects will be based
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