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Post at 21 Aug 2017

Installing new technology allows recycler to efficiently synchronize data between installed machines and devices


This recycler’s newest facility dedicated to recovering zinc and lead from the industrial waste stream. This plant recycles electric arc furnace (EAF) steel dust utilizing the Waelz Kiln technology.

The EAF dust generated by steel mills contains zinc. This new facility specializes in the reclamation of zinc and other metals from this dust.

The recycler’s main product is waelz oxide, also known as crude zinc oxide (CZO). This product is transformed into zinc oxide, zinc sulfate or zinc metal by zinc smelters. The recycler also produces waelz iron product (WIP), an iron concentrate.

This recycling facility – located in Korea – will process more than 110,000 tons of EAF dust annually.

  • Enhance efficiency with an integrated intelligent motor control system
  • Improve network communication with less cost and fewer devices
  • Reduced cost with simpler structure
  • Enhanced power monitoring and diagnostic capabilities
  • Real-time motor diagnostic information proactively indicates when a motor is having a problem so operators can efficiently troubleshoot
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