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Post at 21 Aug 2017

The new Liquid Pack filling machine incorporates industry leading technologies and machine builder know how to meet even the most challenging food or chemical applications

Liquid Pack has been designing, manufacturing and servicing a wide range of liquid fillers and packaging equipment for over 25 years. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company services the food and chemical industries. Liquid Pack exceeds customers’ requirements by providing custom made, cost effective solutions for every application.

All equipment that Liquid Pack manufacturers are a result of years of learning, accompanied by high quality service and are proudly Australian made. The company continues to invest in cutting edge technologies in engineering and developing innovative solutions for liquid filling applications.

As part of Liquid Pack’s commitment to design and manufacture equipment to meet requirements for a wide range of liquid filling applications, the company worked with Rockwell Automation and NHP Electrical Engineering Products (NHP) to design and manufacture a revolutionary new filling machine with uncompromised precision and accuracy.

  • To build and design a new liquid filling machine that would be suitable for a variety of applications requiring repeatability, accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduced downtime – Time to design, develop and deliver the solution was reduced by using one common programming environment
  • Remote connectivity delivers real time data for improved diagnostics
  • Accurate filling – Filling is repeatable and accurate within plus or minus one millilitre
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