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Post at 22 Aug 2017

In short

Cascina Italia processes millions of eggs per day. By using a UR5 robot in their production facilities they have improved flexibility and operational efficiency.

The collaborative robot relieves employees from the strenuous process of preparing bulky packages for large-scale distribution. The added benefit of the UR5’s fenceless-operation allows the robot to work side-by-side with employees on the production lines.


The extremely competitive nature of the fresh food market requires that Cascina Italia can react quickly to market demands. In order to do this effectively, Cascina Italia has to optimise internal processes to free up resources. Traditional robot solutions can be expensive and difficult to implement into a live production environment.

Safety is also a major concern. Cascina Italia has limited space for additional equipment, and any solution that they choose will have to be installed in close proximity to employees.


Cascina Italia worked closely with Alumotion to design and specify a collaborative robot solution that prepares boxes on the packaging facility production line. The UR5 robot is installed on one of the 24 production line output stations and handles around 1.5 million eggs per day.

This pilot installation is aimed at relieving the facilities operators from one of the most arduous process – preparing the bulky packages for large-scale distribution.

The UR5 prepares boxes containing 144 cartons of 10 eggs. The small compact size of the robot allows the unit to be installed directly on the production line without having to sacrifice valuable space. And as the UR robots can operate without fencing, after a safety audit, they can work alongside our employees without expensive and unsightly protective barriers.

Category: Universal Robots