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Post at 26 Jul 2017

Rockwell Automation® safety solution lays the foundation for an industry leading safety record

With the advancement of the digital age, gone are the days where printing presses were required to reside within close proximity to the journalists, who would rush a story down to the print room for inclusion in tomorrow’s newspaper.

It now makes good business sense to invest in new technologies and consolidate print centres to service a broader geographical location.

Fairfax’s original printing press in Tamworth, New South Wales was installed back in 1997. The press was constructed from second hand equipment from various sites around Australia and was approximately 25-30 years old.

As a result of restructuring and with the requirement to consolidate a number of regional printing presses, a new greenfield facility was built in Tamworth and existing equipment from regional areas including Wagga, Nowra, and Warrnambool were relocated to the site.

With a strong focus on health and safety at the site, Fairfax conducted a risk assessment with participation from Goss International and Rockwell Automation.

Based on the findings of the risk assessment, an innovative safety solution was commissioned at the site. This culminated in an enviable safety record for the press that is based on the latest technologies in integrated control and safety.

  • To upgrade the control and drive system at Tamworth Press with a strong focus on safety
  • The solution is compliant with AS 4024 for machine safety
  • The safety guarding does not interfere with maintenance and production requirements of the press
  • Working components have excellent reliability and the press undergoes a monthly checklist to make sure all the guards are operating correctly
  • The press’s safety record is the best in the group and boasts over 2300 days without lost time injury
Category: Print & Publishing