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Post at 21 Sep 2017

Swedish racetrack calls in Kennedy Automation AB, a Rockwell Automation® PartnerNetwork™ member, to help it win by a clear length… and in high definition


The Solvalla horse racing track, located in Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden, was opened in 1927 and is the biggest harness racing venue in the Nordic countries. The track hosts a number of important race events including, on the last Sunday in May, the annual Elitloppet, one of harness racing’s most prestigious international events.

With the popularity of the sport, with both visitors to the track and those watching televised events, the lighting is crucial; especially with the extended hours of darkness experienced by a venue so far north. The lighting is also vital to help ensure that any high-definition broadcasts are lit well enough to do the format justice – especially if the TV cameras are sited some distance from the racing action.

For a recent upgrade to the lighting system, the owners of the track contacted Kennedy Automation AB, a Rockwell Automation Recognised Systems Integrator, who designed and installed a new lighting solution that would satisfy the needs of the most demanding race goer and high-definition broadcaster.

  • A Swedish racetrack needed a new lighting infrastructure to cater for the demands of HD broadcasting. Kennedy Automation had to cater for large distances and a short install window
  • Tailored lighting profiles and much lower energy bills
  • More dependable performance, less light leakage and longer lamp life
  • Far superior HD broadcasting conditions and more reliable source of spare parts
  • Greater flexibility
  • Ability to expand without affecting performance
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