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Post at 26 Jul 2017

Tyre manufacturing equipment company gets in-depth technical help to address customer need to migrate incumbent control solution over to Allen-Bradley based solution


Slovakian private company VIPO, a.s. has worked on applied research and development since 1974 and is a leading supplier of technology and equipment for tyre component making machinery, carbon brush making machinery, automotive machinery, rubber chemistry and industrial adhesives.

In 2001 VIPO, a.s. implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and also gained certification from the Slovak Ministry of Education for the periodical evaluation of research and development organisations. Its aim has been to establish itself as a customer-oriented, technically competent and flexible research, engineering, manufacturing and entrepreneurial company capable of integrating research and development into its technical solutions and products.

In a recent project, it was approached by an Indian company to develop a bead winding line for the manufacture of weftless bead wires for passenger car tyres. The customer wanted to deploy automation and motion solutions from Rockwell Automation, but VIPO did not have the in-house capacity and necessary experience having used other automation providers in the past at the time. So it called upon the services of the Rockwell Automation® Global Solutions engineering team to help the company develop a solution.

  • VIPO was tasked with developing a bead winding line, but in accordance with its customer’s request it had to migrate over to a Rockwell Automation-based solution, so it called upon the Global Solutions team to help
  • Full servo driven solution matched to end-user’s production requirements
  • Complete migration from incumbent automation solution
  • Deadlines kept
  • International language “barriers” addressed with local engineers
Category: Tire & Rubber