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Post at 09 Jul 2020

Air compressor is a device used to increase the pressure of the gas to a certain pressure level that we desire, to meet the requirements for each specific application. There are major types of air compressors such as piston compressors, screw compressors, centrifuges, etc.

Traditional solutions – With the use of existing air compressor controlled by continuous running mode or ON / OFF will have certain impact effects such as:

– Reduce the life of equipment in the compressor.

– Power consumption is always high and affects the cost of use.

– The risks related to auxiliary systems such as mechanical systems, filtration systems, piping systems, etc.

We, with a team and more than 100 years of experience in the global market and more than 10 years in the Vietnamese market, are confident to provide and provide comprehensive inverter solutions with the attached values:

Consulting, optimizing solutions, enthusiastic support according to the needs of customers.
Provides the most comprehensive inverter solution integration for compressor equipment and customer systems.
Meet the requirements of origin and the terms of long-term cooperation.
There is a team of experts from Rockwell Automation to advise on all applications, all customer requirements.
Competitive cost and after sales after purchase guaranteed.
Ready to provide basic training on inverter operation and advice on upgrading.

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